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Working with wood, our focus is on quality and craftsmanship to bring out the inherent beauty of the materials. These structural and aesthetic elements are integral to the capacity of the building to stand the test of time and provide harmony and balance for its inhabitants.

Redwood Plastics2020-03-02T17:54:15-08:00
KTJ Financial – Tenant Improvement2019-12-06T11:02:08-08:00
Senkler – Exterior2019-02-14T09:08:20-08:00
Senkler – Interior2018-09-12T17:13:33-07:00
Keefer Laneway2018-09-11T21:01:32-07:00
Colin Campbell2018-09-11T18:44:01-07:00
Strata – Various Projects2018-09-12T11:09:44-07:00
Ford Powell River2020-03-02T17:54:25-08:00
Unit 62018-09-12T11:09:54-07:00
DEM Passive2018-09-11T22:51:22-07:00