Project Description

Perched high on the banks of Bedwell Bay, this beautiful home is currently undergoing a complete redevelopment. The exterior of the home showcases custom timber-framing and unique roof lines that will remain intact while the interior gets a complete redesign.

The topography of this site is steep and the large second-growth cedars provided a great backdrop for the exterior work. Multiple levels of outdoor decking complete with stonework wind their way to a custom Tram that provides access to a future cottage and the se-shore. The tram permitting process was quite involved due to the complexities of the site.

The property had previously seen the development of a low-impact cedar staircase that meanders 300 steps through the second growth cedar forest down to the sea. J. Norris was also responsible for the installation of a VTF sewage treatment system that employs natural bacteria and native plantings to safely turn sewage into potable water.

As owners’ representatives we put together a proposal that was approved and the work has since been completed. All exterior works were undertaken with minimal impact to the site as a key objective. Cottage set to begin construction Spring of 2019.